Are You Dealing With IT Frustrations and Work Day Interruptions?

  • Does he seem to take an eternity to return your calls and address your inquiries?
  • Are you making huge investments, but are STILL having constant problems, delays and other persistent issues?
  • Are you concerned he’s not backing up and securing your network?
  • Do the constant headaches from these hassles seem never-ending?

Dear CPA Firms,  
Are you fed up with the never-ending stream of IT, phone, and computer issues disrupting your workflow, causing frustration for you and your team? Do you find yourself stuck with an unreliable IT service provider who fails to meet your expectations, leaving you unsure of where to turn for trustworthy service without exorbitant fees? If that resonates with you, I have the solution that will ensure IT-related issues become a thing of the past, sparing you from headaches indefinitely.

If this resonates with you, I have the solution that will ensure IT-related issues become a thing of the past, sparing you from headaches indefinitely.

My name is Ken Umemoto, owner and President of Umetech, Inc..

Our expertise lies in providing proactive IT support and services tailored to businesses like yours, featuring approachable and knowledgeable technicians dedicated to swiftly and effectively resolving your IT challenges. While you may not be familiar with me or my company yet, by the time you finish reading this message, you’ll be relieved to have discovered us.

     Why can I make such a confident assertion?  

Because it’s a common experience shared by nearly every small business CEO I encounter: their current computer support provider—be it a well-meaning friend or a supposedly professional IT company—falls short of meeting their service expectations. Consequently, they find themselves grappling with persistent technical issues and fretting over the security of their network, fearing threats such as hackers, ransomware, extended downtime, WISP Compliance, Security and Hi-Availability, and various data-erasing disasters. This situation is evidently unacceptable!

Isn’t It Time To Finally Get Rid Of This Headache?  

While the idea of offering dependable, cost-effective, comprehensive computer support may not be groundbreaking, it continues to astound me how many computer technicians fail to deliver on this basic premise. Consequently, I completely understand if you harbor skepticism regarding our claims. Given the probability that you’ve faced disappointment or letdowns from other IT providers previously, I want to extend the following offer to you…

A $497 ”Get-To-Know-Us” FREE Gift…  

As a prospective client, I’m pleased to extend an invitation for a complimentary IT Systems Assessment, devoid of any obligations or sales pressure. Throughout this evaluation, a senior technician from our team will visit your office to conduct a meticulous examination of your network’s security and overall well-being.

Upon conclusion, you will be provided with a detailed report outlining our discoveries. This report will not only ascertain the adequacy of your data backup and network security measures but also highlight any immediate actions necessary to mitigate the risk of a significant network outage, loss of data, hacker intrusion, or other costly data-related disasters. Additionally, we often uncover opportunities for cost savings on hardware and software through the adoption of more streamlined cloud-computing solutions.

Ultimately, seeking a competitive bid from a qualified third party poses no risk, especially since this assessment is entirely free and carries no obligations whatsoever.


What To Do Next  

To schedule your free IT Systems Assessment, please contact us at 951-719-1806. You can also visit and complete the form or send me an e-mail to   

During the assessment, you can also see comments from fellow business owners like yourself and discover why we’re Southern California’s #1 small business IT support firm.   

The assessment typically takes around 120 minutes to complete. Once finished, you’ll have peace of mind knowing definitively whether your company’s data is safeguarded and, in the unfortunate event of a disaster, precisely how quickly you could resume operations (if at all).

I’ll be reaching out in the next few days to ensure you’ve received this letter and to inquire whether you’d like to schedule your complimentary IT Systems Assessment. If not, please don’t hesitate to inform us—it’s entirely up to you!

Awaiting your response,  
Ken Umemoto   
President, Umetech, Inc.  

P.S. Why take unnecessary risks? Our complimentary IT Systems Assessment comes with no obligations, and no expectations on your part. At the very least, it provides impartial validation of your current system’s performance.

How does your current IT provider measure up?

Take this quiz to find out!  

How can you discern if you’re receiving inadequate service? How do you ascertain whether your IT company or technician is prioritizing your network’s security and averting costly disasters?  If your computer guy does NOT score a “yes” on all the points, You might be allocating resources to inadequate support, thereby jeopardizing the security of your data and network!

  • Are they readily available by phone and promptly respond to emergencies?
  • Do they demonstrate accessibility and responsiveness for non-emergencies, with same-day responses?
  • Do they actively monitor, patch, and update your network’s vital security settings daily or weekly?
  • Can they furnish evidence of comprehensive data backup for all your devices?
  • Do they conduct regular meetings to review network performance, discuss projects, and propose enhancements?
  • Do they provide clear, detailed invoices outlining the services rendered?
  • Do they communicate in understandable terms rather than technical jargon?
  • Have they initiated discussions about cybersecurity and recommended measures to safeguard against ransomware?
  • Have they furnished comprehensive network documentation or withheld crucial passwords?
  • Do they offer service guarantees?
  • Do they demonstrate punctuality and professionalism in attire?
  • Do you anticipate their visits with eagerness or dread?

Evaluate your current IT support against these benchmarks to gauge their efficacy and determine whether a change is warranted.

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If someone were on the fence about choosing Umetech, I would tell them to take them for a test drive. If given the opportunity, Umetech will show that they are the right team for the job and will work hard for your company.  

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The safety and security of a company’s data is probably one of the biggest challenges facing businesses of all sizes today. Umetech’s approach to security has depth and is well managed at a high level.