Our Clients

Prompt, Responsive and Knowledgeable

Working with Umetech has provided us with numerous benefits, including prompt responses and resolutions, breadth of knowledge and advice, and patience.

Compared to other IT companies we have worked with, Umetech is more responsive, providing us with more resources and IT protection measures.

If you’re looking for an IT company, ask yourself, “How fast do you need a response and a resolution?”
It is likely immediately, so consider the breadth of means Umetech can be contacted by and trust their recommendations for resolution.

Stephanie Montgomery – VP of Operations
CRD Manufacturing

Umetech Supports Us with Endless IT Knowledge And Great, Responsive Customer Service

The biggest benefit we receive from Umetech is the quick response time to any questions/requests. From building out new equipment or coming by the office to fix any issues we have, Umetech gets to us quickly so we can keep going with our day.

I have yet to find a tech situation Umetech cannot resolve. Their knowledge seems endless. Whether it’s basic IT needs or even assisting with creating an IT Policy for us, we rely on them to take care of it all!

If you truly want the comfort of customer service and resolving most issues quickly ,and what business doesn’t? then Umetech is who you need.

Jerimy Billy – General Manager
San Luis Rey Water Authority

Umetech makes IT operations pain-free and easy!

Umetech allows us to focus our resources on our core mission while being as confident as possible with our security stance and data-safeguarding practices.

One strength of Umetech compared to other MSPs is its local presence, which makes it easy to provide on-site services when needed. Umetech takes a more holistic approach to IT services, allowing them to quickly assist with our changing (and emergency) needs
compared to more rigid contracted services.

Utilizing the right IT services team is a critical operational decision, and I would not hesitate to recommend Umetech to anyone who needs a contractor they can count on.

Shawn Trento – Telecommunications Manager
Anza Electric Cooperative

Umetech staff is a highly qualified team that gets the job done!

IT professionals are available when we need them. The Umetech team has assured us that our systems run smoothly, and in the event of any hiccups, they are there to address them quickly.

What sets Umetech apart from other IT firms is their willingness to visit our office regularly. Weekly on-site workdays have given our company the comfort of knowing when we can talk to an IT tech about non-urgent items. They are not only an IT Support company, but they have also developed custom software that integrates with our ERP system! They are a one-stop shop!

If someone were on the fence about choosing Umetech, I would tell them to take them for a test drive. If given the opportunity, Umetech will show that they are the right team for the job and will work hard for your company.

Clara Beaver – Operations Manager
Lake Hemet Municipal Water District

Umetech services and support have allowed us to focus on our workload and

We can now focus on our workload and our customers rather than technology, constant updates, viruses, what equipment to purchase, etc.  Umetech is a one-stop shop for all technology-related things in our office.

Umetech is always there for us at a moment’s notice.  They have provided a personal touch and can be reached via email, phone, remote connect, text, etc.  While the technicians may not be on-site, the services feel like they are with us.  Our wait time for
assistance has never been longer than a few minutes!

We highly recommend Umetech as our Managed Service Provider. They have been a solid partner for years!

Karen Collins – Operations Manager
Box Springs Mutual Water District